"As we get older and our kids grow up, we eventually come to realize that all the big things in our lives are really the direct result of how we've handled all the little things."
—Pam Sorooshian, June 4, 2007

Pam Sorooshian on Unschooling and Learning


At her blog "Cocking a Snook," JJ Ross wrote:

Our articulate, introspective friend Pam Sorooshian is a real-life unschooling inspiration to so many loving parents. As her own three daughters grew into (very smart and well-socialized!) young women, we've been privileged to see Pam focus more of her prodigious compassion, intelligence and educator skills on helping younger moms understand and begin living by unschooling principles.

Like Sandra Dodd, I think this is Pam's calling, her mission—her way to help make the real world a better place not in the gauzy possible future, but right this minute.

She's really good at it, too. At least she sure does get to me!

and then Pam was quoted, and it's worth reading!

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Pam in 2009, on how she found unschooling (at 10:40, if the video starts elsewhere):

Pam speaks some more, college-level math classes, at 44:50.

Pam, in 2011, responding to someone's expression of gratitude to those sharing about unschooling:
I am also truly thankful for all those who have chosen to think and talk and experiment and risk and explore and observe and disclose and analyze how learning can happen naturally, sweetly and so - interestingly 🙂 - without schooling.

Economics of Restricting TV Watching of Children This article has helped more families than anything else Pam has written, as far as I can tell. Though it says "TV," the examples are of food, and food became a bigger issue, for more families. It has been a gift to many.

Ten Questions with Pam Sorooshian, interview by Pam Laricchia in 2017

Unschoolers in College —In May, 2012, Pam's three daughters had earned an assortment of college degrees. [By 2019, each had a Master's Degree.]

What will you regret? [In French, in brief: Que regretterez-vous ?]

Love, Love, Love—a very brief look at the use, care and treatment of love in unschooling.

Unschooling is not "Child-Led Learning"
             In Spanish: Unschooling no es "Child-led-learning". (or here, if that link is gone)

Be Their Parent NOT Their Friend?

"How to Be a Good Unschooler"
             In Portuguese: Como Ser um Bom "Unschooler"
             In Czech:Jak být dobrým unschoolerem

Principles of Unschooling
             In Portuguese: Principios do "Unschooling"

Becoming the Parent You Want to Be

I LIVE THEREFORE I LEARN: Living an Unschooling Life

In French: Je vis donc j’apprends – Une vie unschooling, traduit de l’anglais par Claire R.
Reasons to Homeschool

Lazy Parents

Dice Games

Games and Math: what mathematicians really do

Commentary on Roya's experience with college math in "Teens Who Didn't Study Math"

How My Children Learned to Read This is linked and referenced in many places on the web.

Soothing a frustrated child

Unschooling "curriculum"

If you can read Japanese, a blog quotes Pam (in Japanese) and if you can read German, try Wie meine Kinder Lesen gelernt haben.

Pam's words on pages featuring various writers:

Saying Yes to Children (third item on the left is Pam's).

Dazzling Projects for Kids

Role Playing Games as Part of a Rich Life

Building an Unschooling Nest

HOW Unschooled Kids Watch TV

The Value of Choices

Pam is quoted at the bottom of this blog post by Melissa Wiley.

February 6, 2010 Chat Transcript, featuring Pam

Pam has a blog: Learning Happens.wordpress.com [and another blog!]

Other Voices—collections of writings by various writers