Unschooling Life Podcast #14
September 10th, 2014

Amy Childs' 16-minute podcast on Peace from September 2014. Amy's original intro is below, following my own notes and links.


More by and about Ren Allen and Rippy Dusseldorp are on my page (click a name above).

The recording from which Amy shared Richard Prystowsky's voice has been on my site for years at Parenting Peacefully, about 80% of the way down. It was a joint presentation by me and Dr. Prystowky at a conference in California in 2002. On section is transcribed there.

You can listen there, or download a file free (several formats available there).

Amy's intro (and one comment from 2014)

Rescued from The Wayback Machine, and I restored the links she used.

Unschooling won’t work when children feel scared, shamed, coerced, or under attack.

So an important part of an unschooling parent’s job is to create a non-violent, peaceful place where children feel happy safe and content, so that learning can happen.

Sandra Dodd says unschooling parents should make choices to be “like the kind of person you eventually want to be without having to think so hard.”

Also, “breathing helps.”

And, “Is a child happy to be where he is? That is a kind of peace. If he wakes up disappointed, that is not peace, no matter how quiet the house is or how clean and “feng shuid” his room is.”

I include a tiny piece of a talk about Peaceful Parenting by Richard Prystowsky and Sandra Dodd but you can go here to listen to the whole thing.

Ren Allen reads a response she wrote (years ago) to an unschooling mom who wanted to become more peaceful.

“Slow down and make room for peace amongst all the mess and fun and tasks and STUFF. All of that daily stuff is your practice, so make it peaceful and happy and there ya go!”

We close with a sneak peak into the peaceful pajama day of an unschooling family with Rippy Dusseldorp in the Netherlands.

Kara Tennis
October 11, 2014 at 1:33 pm

I love this one so much, because everything the guests articulate supports what matters most, in my experience, for peace, true intimacy, wisdom and growth. It’s hard to even talk about being a peaceful, centered human being until you start with the tiny, all-important step of just noticing your own consciousness in the moment, over and over again. Magic flows out from there. [Love/heart] to all of your interviewees, for the work that they do.

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