Logic and Parenting by Joyce Fetteroll—covers food and TV, but mostly uncovers errors in thought

The Economics of Restricting TV Watching in Children by Pam Sorooshian

When Words Matter—Sandra Dodd

Better Answers to Everyday Questions (mostly bright responses to school-style questions)

Twenty Questions

Does TV Cause Violence? by Deb Lewis (and it will have a link to other things by Deb Lewis, mostly about logic, and all of them sweet and funny)

The Blind Men and the Elephant


[There used to be some good puzzles, but they don't work anymore because they used flash-player technology. Bummer! I miss some of those.]

Logic Questions

You can find puzzles, riddles, one-minute mysteries and other logic toys in used books, online, or by asking friends!

2012 update

I made this page long ago, before iPads. If you have an iPad or something else with a touch screen and can go to the applications store and look for any of these, they will have logic to keep you and all your relatives happy for a long time: Plants vs. Zombies (will play on other systems, too), Flip Pix Art or Flip Pix Puzzles (add to your search "Gabysoft"), Flow. Some of those games are free, or $2 or $3 or you can pay for an upgrade, but nothing there is expensive.

Flip Pix can be played on a 5x5 grid, 10x10 or 15x15. Some of the newer games go to 20x20, and some have been retrofitted. On retrofit games you might need to guess sometimes, but in the designed games, it should never require a wild guess. smiley face

Flip Pix by GabySoft

Flow Free by Big Duck Games LLC

If you get a free version you might get ads (depending where you get it, maybe), but they're just $1.99 or so.

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