Sylvie and Jeanine

Sylvie Martin Rodriguez is the mom of Eliott the magician (born in 1997, who left but is in her heart), of Tom the Hero (99) and Lilou the fairy (02). She is married to Régis, "Prince Charmant." They used to manufacture and rent yurts, tipis and tents for re-enactors and campers. Régis is also a sculptor.

Tom seemed to have been born with unschooling in him, and the strength to bring his parents to understand it. After exploring various forms of school at home, the family realized that they should stop resisting the beautiful world of unschooling, where they now dwell with joy, enthusiasm, freedom and happiness.

Sylvie's family lives in the small town of Mijoux, in the Jura mountains near Switzerland.

Jeanine Barbé

Four years ago, Marc and I welcomed Louis... the beginning of a great adventure, rich in emotion... We didn't know we could experience that much love, and more each day.

We did not know that at some point our vision of the world and of life would be so radically changed.

I like to search my heart. I like to learn, I like numbers and words, I like the simple answers to the complex questions. This has worked! We live life as a large, living open book.

It is my personal conviction that we parents can help change the course of history by the way in which we accomodate and accompany our children. I am happy to share that with you.

Their site is long gone, but there are still translations and their notes and writing on my site, here and there.